Drawing has kept me out of trouble since I was a tyke. Beginning with tracing pictures of dinosaurs on wax paper (still love them dinosaurs!) to oil painting to coloring people's skin, I've always felt at home making images and the process bringing them to fruition. 
I've had the amazing luck to work with some of the greatest tattooers in the US and have learned from each and every. After twenty years in the business, I'm still amazed that I can actually put an image on the skin, and that people will be able to enjoy it their entire life.
I hope to keep working and being amazed at you all!
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Having moved to the Portland are for the third (final?) time, I have to admit the great northwest has offered me the greatest joys and challenges of my life.  I guess I'm owning up to my inner Portland-ness, Growing a beard, eating organic produce and always ready to buy local. Come on by and see me . Let's make some good tattoos together!
I'm going to take some time to start Painting again and revive whatever literary skills that still exist in my old brain. I've got a swaddling screenplay to write and old joints in need of a good yoga practice. The great NW has always been an inspiration and hopefully my home for a long time.
As I always say, I'm the luckiest mo-fo alive. I've had the luck to be part of tattooing for 26 years and to experience life to the fullest, being present for each new moment.